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Fighting to restore common sense, conservative, community-centered
leadership to Norfolk.

Tough on Crime

Andy Pittman puts our families and neighborhoods first. From soft prosecutors to pro-criminal lawyers to liberal politicians, there are too many who put criminals ahead of victims. Andy supports our police and wants to send a clear message – violent criminals belong in prison. Andy will turn back liberal policies in Richmond that put criminals back on the streets and make neighborhoods less safe.

Back the Blue

Andy supports our crimefighters and first responders and steadfastly opposes efforts to defund the police. Norfolk has so many police vacancies as many have left the police force and few are joining. Increasing police compensation and investing in the best training and technology is a must, but also we must make it clear that police are valued and supported in our communities. Andy believes this is crucial to returning common sense to Norfolk.

Lower Taxes

Virginia’s government spending has doubled in the past ten years. Meanwhile our economic performance has not compared well to nearby states. We need tax reform to make Virginia more competitive and affordable. Government spending is hurting our economic performance and drowning Virginians in taxes.

Putting Parents First in Education

Too often education becomes more about teaching children what to think instead of how to think, and blocking parental involvement seems to be a top priority for the left. Andy will make sure you have a seat at the table and make sure parents control their children’s education. No child should have access to sexual content in school libraries and parents should be aware of the things students are taught.


We should also give parents a choice of using their tax dollars to send their children to the public or private school of their choice.


For Andy, pro-life is not just a political slogan. It’s a way of life. From the very beginning of America, our founders recognized that we are all endowed by our Creator with rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We must improve the quality of life for all Virginians – from the preborn and infants to the elderly. Ensuring mothers have the quality medical and economic support needed to care for their children, the highest quality education for students, taking care of seniors, and strengthening the economy so that parents don’t need multiple jobs to support a family, are all top priorities.

Andy believes that both Republicans and Democrats truly want to see fewer abortions, not more. He will make it easier for Virginians to adopt and will work with Governor Youngkin to protect the most precious and vulnerable among us.


Virginia should do a better job bringing jobs to our Commonwealth. We have skilled workers, veterans and great colleges, but people still move to other states to find better job opportunities. Andy will pursue tax incentives to bring employers to Virginia and encourage more entrepreneurs to start businesses here with Virginia employees.

Second Amendment

Andy understands and defends the Constitution and believes that our First Amendment rights would be at risk without the Second Amendment. The left believes the way to combat crime is to be soft on criminals but tough on law-abiding citizens and our right to self-defense. Andy believes the opposite. We should punish criminals and defend the rights of citizens to protect themselves, their homes and their families.


Virginia has always been the home of veterans, but tax policies are making competing states more attractive for many vets. Andy supports Gov. Youngkin’s plan to make Virginia the #1 state for veterans by reducing taxes and providing the best career opportunities after military service. Our veterans are our neighbors, our coaches, our community leaders and contribute to what makes life in our area special.

Right to Work

Andy believes in freedom for workers and for small businesses. He supports keeping Virginia's right to work status so no one is forced to join and pay dues to a union without his or her consent. Virginia is usually at the top of the rankings for job creation because it is the northernmost right to work state on the east coast.  Andy will protect your freedom to work without forcing you to pay dues against your will.

Secure our Border and Stop the Influx of Fentanyl

Fentanyl is deadly.  It's 50 times as potent as heroin and just two milligrams (an amount that fits on the tip of a pencil) is lethal.  Over 100,000 Americans die of drug poisoning each year, and a majority from synthetic opioids like fentanyl.

Fentanyl is flooding into our country through the Southern border from Mexican drug cartels.  Just recently, a train carrying nearly one million fentanyl pills was stopped trying to enter our country.

Illegal border crossings are at nightmare levels, with over 2.3 million people per year illegally entering our country.  At those levels, every state is a border state.   We must stop this influx of illegals and drugs at the border.

Andy Pittman supports legal immigration and opposes people illegally entering our country.  He opposes non-necessity benefits for illegals and will stop inducements to cross our borders illegally.  He will oppose all efforts by the Biden administration to relocate illegals into Virginia without our consent.

Protect the Bay

Andy is a stalwart defender of the Chesapeake Bay and supports efforts to keep the Bay clean and pollution free. 

Andy also defends fishermen and wants to see the local fishing industry thrive, and not be destroyed by foreign companies engaged in "reduction fishing".  This mass catching of menhaden, which destroys the food chain for larger fish, is outlawed in every East Coast state except Virginia.  Andy will end the days of dead fish washing up onshore and make the Chesapeake Bay the priority it should be.

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